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: youth 


Need to better understand metabolic health as and the role a higher protein diet has on cognitive function.

: Life Stage Nutrition and Metabolism
: protein, youth, cognitive function
Betsy Booren32 - 15 2012 (0)
There is evidence that a higher protein diet is beneficial at younger ages for improved cognitive function. A better understanding is also needed to determine if similar evidence exists for the aging population. This is extremely important in the role of breakfast has in K-12 students and those populations that ...

Efficacy of farm to school programs for health promotion and obesity prevention

Eva Ringstrom16 - 10 2012 (0)
Farm to school programs involve at least one, and often all three of the following activities: (1) Improving access to healthy food in school cafeterias, (2) Engaging students and families in school gardens, and (3) Teaching food and nutrition education in the classroom. As the USDA Farm to School program ...