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: protein 


Scientific Basis for Dietary Guidance

David Klurfeld506 - 31 2012 (9)
Federal nutrition policy and food assistance programs increasingly use the Dietary Guidelines for American and Dietary Reference Intakes as their basis and these need to be updated based on new knowledge. We will identify the role of food, nutrients, other food components, and physical activity in promoting health and preventing ...

Aging, sarcopenia, and protein intake

: Life Stage Nutrition and Metabolism
: protein, aging, sarcopenia, muscle
Gregory Miller22 - 15 2012 (1)
Sarcopenia, or the loss of muscle mass with aging, is a significant public health concern, with some estimating as much as a 1% loss of lean mass per year after the age of 30 years (1,2). Loss of muscle mass and associated declines in strength and mobility may not only ...

Better Understand the Sustainability Benefits of Consuming a Broad Range of Nutritious Foods

Kent Holt8 - 11 2012 (0)
As the population grows and resources are stretched to produce the needed amounts of high quality nutritious foods, there is the need to identify ways to improve our utilization and consumption of these resources. Research is needed to better understand and assist in the implementation of a broad range of ...

Need to better assess protein needs throughout the lifecycle to help the fight against obesity

: Life Stage Nutrition and Metabolism
: obesity, protein, lifecycle, macronutrient
Betsy Booren32 - 15 2012 (0)
Conducting research to better assess the protein needs for weight management or for maximizing body composition throughout the lifecycle is a critical area of research that should be addressed. Current protein recommendations are based on the minimum requirement to prevent protein deficiency via nitrogen balance studies, however with the obesity ...

Need to better understand the protein requirements for the aging population

: National Nutrition Monitoring
: protein, aging, muscle
Betsy Booren32 - 15 2012 (0)
New research suggests that higher protein diets for older individuals may improve muscle health. The impact on reducing healthcare costs (in terms of falls, etc), particularly with a rise in this demographic predicted over the next few years may be significant. Need to determine what role protein plays in the ...

Need to better understand metabolic health as and the role a higher protein diet has on cognitive function.

: Life Stage Nutrition and Metabolism
: protein, youth, cognitive function
Betsy Booren32 - 15 2012 (0)
There is evidence that a higher protein diet is beneficial at younger ages for improved cognitive function. A better understanding is also needed to determine if similar evidence exists for the aging population. This is extremely important in the role of breakfast has in K-12 students and those populations that ...