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National Nutrition Monitoring

: Human Nutrition Research Priorities
: diet, nutrition monitoring, nhanes, epidemiology, food composition, sr database
David Klurfeld506 - 31 2012 (18)
These programs form the foundation of all nutritional epidemiology in the U.S. and provide snapshots of the nutritional health of the nation and its food supply. We will expand and improve the National Nutrient Databank which provides food composition data. We will determine food consumption and dietary patterns of Americans ...

Importance of Human Nutrition in Agricultural Production

David Klurfeld506 - 31 2012 (20)
Diets are composed of plant and animal foods that are produced by our agricultural system; accordingly, the support of human health must be an explicit goal of domestic agricultural production. To this end it is imperative that agricultural and food scientists and human nutritionists work together to ensure they have ...

Efficacy of farm to school programs for health promotion and obesity prevention

Eva Ringstrom16 - 10 2012 (0)
Farm to school programs involve at least one, and often all three of the following activities: (1) Improving access to healthy food in school cafeterias, (2) Engaging students and families in school gardens, and (3) Teaching food and nutrition education in the classroom. As the USDA Farm to School program ...