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: agriculture 


Importance of Human Nutrition in Agricultural Production: The Role of Dairy Foods

: Importance of Human Nutrition in Agricultural Production
: dairy, agriculture, nutrient density, food security
Gregory Miller22 - 15 2012 (0)
The relationship between human nutrition and agricultural production is multidimensional. Nutrition is a fundamental human need that affects health and well-being across the life-span, and it is well recognized that balanced nutrient and calorie intakes form the basis of a healthy diet (1). Agricultural production is part of a larger ...

Support for new controls of muscid flies and other pests of livestock and poultry

: Veterinary, Medical and Urban Entomology Research Priorities
: flies, urban ecosystems, agriculture, poultry, livestock
Gregory Martin4 - 22 2013 (0)
Muscid Flies (family Muscidae) and other fly species have been identified by FDA in regulations as a food safety vector. The FDA egg rule requires pest control programs by farms as part of their compliance with the rule. Further research is needed in House fly and stable fly control involving ...