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: aging 


Life Stage Nutrition and Metabolism

David Klurfeld506 - 31 2012 (7)
Three of the 6 Human Nutrition Research Centers have Congressionally-mandated missions to study nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women, the fetus, infants, children, and the aging population. We need to explain mechanisms by which nutrition promotes healthy development and function from conception to old age. We will define the ...

Aging, sarcopenia, and protein intake

: Life Stage Nutrition and Metabolism
: protein, aging, sarcopenia, muscle
Gregory Miller22 - 15 2012 (1)
Sarcopenia, or the loss of muscle mass with aging, is a significant public health concern, with some estimating as much as a 1% loss of lean mass per year after the age of 30 years (1,2). Loss of muscle mass and associated declines in strength and mobility may not only ...

Need to better understand the protein requirements for the aging population

: National Nutrition Monitoring
: protein, aging, muscle
Betsy Booren32 - 15 2012 (0)
New research suggests that higher protein diets for older individuals may improve muscle health. The impact on reducing healthcare costs (in terms of falls, etc), particularly with a rise in this demographic predicted over the next few years may be significant. Need to determine what role protein plays in the ...

Need to better understand nutrient intakes at younger and older ages

: Life Stage Nutrition and Metabolism
: nutrient intakes, young, aging
Betsy Booren32 - 15 2012 (0)
Need to better understand nutrient intakes at younger and older ages and what health affect there is as nutrient intake levels may change, therefore making it difficult to meet nutrient requirements. There is evidence that nutrient intake is critical in the older population where food intake declines making it harder ...