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Prevention of Obesity and Related Diseases / farm to school 


Longitudinal studies on Farm to School programs and benefits to obesity prevention and health promotion

Anupama Joshi4 - 12 2012 / (0)
Farm to School programs are growing rapidly across the country (12,500 schools in 2012, estimated by the National Farm to School Network). This holistic approach of: (a) procurement of local and regional foods for the cafeteria; (b) nutrition, agriculture and environmental education; (c) school gardens; and (d) food-centered hands-on education ...

Efficacy of farm to school programs for health promotion and obesity prevention

Eva Ringstrom16 - 10 2012 / (0)
Farm to school programs involve at least one, and often all three of the following activities: (1) Improving access to healthy food in school cafeterias, (2) Engaging students and families in school gardens, and (3) Teaching food and nutrition education in the classroom. As the USDA Farm to School program ...