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Insects or Other Pests 
What insects or other pests are your biggest concerns? Please list them in order of importance to you.

The biology of each insect varies, as does methods for controlling and/or preventing them. This creates both opportunities and challenges for managing them. We can concentrate or expand our efforts to work on insects that are a problem for you.

Examples: Ants, mosquitoes, beetles, bed bugs, kissing bugs, chiggers, eye gnats, sticktight fleas, fleas, black flies, cattle bot flies, deer flies, face flies, filth flies, horse bot flies, house flies, horn flies, horse flies, nasal bot flies, stable flies, lice, biting midges, mites, scorpions, sheep keds, spiders, hard ticks and soft ticks.


A Human Vaccine for Chagas Disease

: Insects or Other Pests
Susan Durham8 - 20 2013 / (0)
Development of a Human Vaccine for Chagas Disease Should be a Priority