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Veterinary, Medical and Urban Entomology Research Priorities 
The USDA Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) is seeking customer and stakeholder input on planning and setting research priorities for its veterinary, medical and urban entomology research program. This USDA-ARS research program is responsible for developing more effective means to prevent or suppress insects (like mosquitoes and bedbugs), ticks, and mites that affect both animal and human well- being. Research under this program aims to eliminate losses to animal production and products caused by insect-transmitted diseases; to enhance the safety of animal products and the quality of life for humans; and to increase the value and competitiveness of U.S. agriculture. In this USDA Open Idea Space, you will find four questions (and in the left “IdeaSpace”) that we are asking you to answer. Your answers, as well as other comments and ideas you provide, will help us determine current research needs and priorities important to your industry/organization and the American public. This information will guide us in planning our research priorities in this area for the next five years. This space will remain open for ideas and comments through March 8, 2013.

You can get more information about this USDA-ARS national program by clicking here. For the most recent research accomplishments in this area, check out AR magazine November/December 2012 edition, “Keeping Our Troops Safe From Insects.”

Many thanks for your input!

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