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Importance of Human Nutrition in Agricultural Production 
Diets are composed of plant and animal foods that are produced by our agricultural system; accordingly, the support of human health must be an explicit goal of domestic agricultural production. To this end it is imperative that agricultural and food scientists and human nutritionists work together to ensure they have current information about both human nutrition needs and access to healthy diets is incorporated into agricultural research and production. Some problems in human nutrition are closely aligned with similar agricultural problems (especially animal production) and cross-cutting research is beneficial to both.


Biomedical Agriculture

Henry Thompson41 - 14 2012 / (3)
There is a signficant communications gap between scientists working in the biomedical sciences and those working in agriculture, particularly production agriculture. It is critical to not only stimulate a dialogue between the many disciplines represented, but to actually advace a transdisciplinary research agenda with a particular emphasis on the biomedical ...

Plant breeding programs focused on developing grapefruit varieties with low/no furanocoumarins

:Importance of Human Nutrition in Agricultural Production
: food-drug interactions
Liz Wilkins26 - 12 2012 / (0)
Furanocoumarins in common grapefruit varieties can cause dangerous food-drug interactions for people taking certain common medications. Citrus geneticists at the University of Florida have been developing pummel-grapefruit hybrids that produce fruit with very low levels of furancoumarins. This type of research needs to be continued and supported so that more ...

Promote crop/food diversity rather than caloric production in both developed and developing countries

Mark Brick53 - 21 2012 / (0)
Both international and domestic funding agencies are largely focused on the need to maximize calorie production using cereal crops to feed an ever expanding world . While this focus is understandable, it must be balanced with the need for diversity in the human diet. A greater empasis on legume (pulse) ...

Importance of Research on Biotechnology

:Importance of Human Nutrition in Agricultural Production
Mardi Mountford22 - 15 2012 / (0)
The International Formula Council (IFC) agrees that human nutrition and agricultural production systems are closely linked. One area that will be particularly important to consider for this research is the area of biotechnology.

Importance of Human Nutrition in Agricultural Production: The Role of Dairy Foods

:Importance of Human Nutrition in Agricultural Production
: dairy, agriculture, nutrient density, food security
Gregory Miller22 - 15 2012 / (0)
The relationship between human nutrition and agricultural production is multidimensional. Nutrition is a fundamental human need that affects health and well-being across the life-span, and it is well recognized that balanced nutrient and calorie intakes form the basis of a healthy diet (1). Agricultural production is part of a larger ...