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Veterinary, Medical and Urban Entomology Research Priorities / Urban ecosystems 


What effect does urban mosquito programs have on the plant and insect relationships in urban ecosystems? Especially in regard to the West Nile Virus?

Patricia Susman4 - 13 2013 / (0)
Our city is spraying for mosquito in wider and wider ranges because of the West Nile outbreaks. Each year there are fewer populations of pollinators and predators. Not only would I like to see research that explores possible disturbance in the insect/plant relationships, but also explores the effects of potential ...

Support for new controls of muscid flies and other pests of livestock and poultry

: Veterinary, Medical and Urban Entomology Research Priorities
: flies, urban ecosystems, agriculture, poultry, livestock
Gregory Martin4 - 22 2013 / (0)
Muscid Flies (family Muscidae) and other fly species have been identified by FDA in regulations as a food safety vector. The FDA egg rule requires pest control programs by farms as part of their compliance with the rule. Further research is needed in House fly and stable fly control involving ...