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Scientific Basis for Dietary Guidance:implementation and Adherence 

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: Scientific Basis for Dietary Guidance
: Chor Khoo20 11 Oct 2012
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Its important that dietary guidance/guidelines must be tested and validated to insure adherence and compliance prior to release to the public.

1) Satya Jonnalagadda3 (12 Oct 2012)
It is important that dietary guidance be based on the scientific evidence. it is also important to consider all forms of evidence and not just "intervention" evidence. when dealing with food systems, nutrients and impact on nutrition and health one is dealing with a complext biological systems with a multitude of interactions and it is not always feasible to tease out the cause-effect relationships through human studies. Hence, the totality of the evidence, including invitro, pre-clinical, epidemiology studies,should be considered. Also, further understanding of the impact of dietary guidelines on individual nutrient and food intake and behaviors, and health outcomes is warranted.
2) Shalene McNeill15 (15 Oct 2012)
Understanding adherence to a healthy diet is important. There is a need to examine types of healthy dietary patterns that meet DGA and that are more likely to be followed by Americans based on their current eating behaviors.