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School Nutrition - Plan w/stakeholders to provide onging scientific knowledge to inform policy and programing needs 

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: Life Stage Nutrition and Metabolism
: school
: Kent Holt8 13 Oct 2012
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The USDA plays a critical role in school nutrition. The National School Lunch Program that the USDA administers is contributing greatly to the improved nutritional status of school aged children. As nutritional challenges evolve from those faced in the past it is important that nutrition knowledge is available to inform policy and programming choices. There are a numbers of dimensions which impact policy and programming. These include, among others, demographic and cultural changes, chronic nutrition related diseases, budgetary and resource constraints, and appropriate macro and micro nutrient intake levels. We recommend that there be a coordinated strategy and plan developed with stakeholders and executed on an ongoing basis to provide the scientific background to effectively inform policy and programing initiatives. Examples for future research: 1. Research to better understand how to program nutrition to meet dietary guidelines recommendations. 2. Work to better understand the required macro and micro nutrient levels to meet optimal growth and provide satiety without contributing to increased obesity. 3. Healthy nutrition for breakfast for functional outcomes such as cognition with an emphasis on incorporating protein along with other healthy ingredients.

1) Kelly Olson9 (14 Oct 2012)
Study how whole grains and barley can increase satiety.