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Interaction of gut microbiota on food bioactives ingredients 

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: Human Nutrition Research Priorities
: microbiota, bioavailability
: Jean Michel ANTOINE50 06 Sep 2012
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Gut microbiota is a new organ modulating bioavailability of many xenobiotics and bioactives found in diet. Exploring, flagging and clustering what is happening in the gut, main enzymatic systems, and main targets will benefit a) demonstration of health benefits of food ingredients by selecting "responders"; b) Agriculture to design production either resistant or sensitive to gyt microbiota metabolism; c) Nutrition: Adding a new chapter on influence of microbiota in nutrition, and exploiting the huge progams on microbiome

1) Johanna Dwyer40 (24 Sep 2012)
This is an important area, where much of the work is being done by Europeans. It will be important to collaborate with those in the EU who are working on this, as well as to decide what the critical area in human nutrition is for agriculture, and what can be left to NIH and other groups.